Seasonal Content Marketing

Published on Oct 26, 2015 by Sophie Brady in Uncategorized


A great way to ensure you keep your content marketing current and relevant is to make it seasonal.

Brands should take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on holiday themed content, trends or events as it is an excellent new way to reach customers.

The result of a concerted effort to adhere to these different seasons with fresh content is greater engagement with your customer base and also an increase in site visits.

Customers might want to look up a special Turkey recipe at Christmas, or discover tips for throwing great Halloween parties or Easter egg hunts.

The timing of seasonal posts is always relevant, around two weeks before the event is advisable in most cases.

Timing is also a major factor when it comes to the theme of the pieces you are posting- when first creating build up to an event- make sure you have captured your intended audience before posting your most relevant content.

People want online information that they can relate to but if you are considering recycling any of your seasonal posts for any subsequent years then try and avoid any topical references, current event trends or celebrities as these attributes can create a time bomb in your content making it a one off.

A rule to remember if reusing seasonal content is to make sure that you at least refresh a few elements of the post.

Research is key when approaching any article or post but it is particularly vital when it comes to seasonal content and choosing a relevant topic of discussion.

This type of content and marketing is particularly valuable because it is reaching out and connecting with customers about issues involved in their everyday lives.

It is always important to take some time to come up with some search terms that tie into each individual event.

SEO naturally plays a key role in seasonal content marketing, knowing what search terms your average customer will likely use and when is incredibly valuable.

Making sure that you include these search terms and keywords in your posts will ensure your content ranks better overall.

Written by Sophie Brady

Sophie Brady lives in the English coastal town of Deal in Kent. She is deeply invested in Copy writing, SEO marketing and social media. Her passions include classic literature, music and communications in the digital age. She created and manages several personal websites and she enjoys connecting with others who share her interests. Her ambitions include writing and publishing her own novel and successfully launching her own app.

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