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Published on Jul 5, 2015 by Sophie Brady in Uncategorized


This concept has necessitated thousands of site redesigns and five years in it is still a hot topic among web developers and designers.

It is a concept often associated with terms such as user experience, accessibility and content strategy.

RWD originally focused on ‘mobile first’ design ideology as in 2010 it was projected that mobile traffic would exceed desktop traffic by 2015.

Today RWD has turned into something much important than just optimizing for multiple devices.

Conveying engaging content and mobile technology- RWD is also focused on other aspects of user experience.

In 2015 the trends in RWD focus on user interaction and accessibility, these trends include high quality imaging, galleries and videos.

Despite increased quality in imaging, the minimalist aesthetic is key here- no more over crowding or large banners.

Scrolling, direct user engagement and large typography are all very focussed areas this year.

Although content is still king, the way it is presented is the key to throne- it doesn’t matter how compelling the content is if it’s not delivered well.

In any article based site you should see the utilization of responsive pathways, so basically- once you have read an article- it should be key to have a link for further reading immediately presented to you in order to keep you engaged.

The world of web design is constantly evolving, many designers think that setting aesthetic trends aside and trying to think or adopt a ‘responsive philosophy’ is the way ahead.

Written by Sophie Brady

Sophie Brady lives in the English coastal town of Deal in Kent. She is deeply invested in Copy writing, SEO marketing and social media. Her passions include classic literature, music and communications in the digital age. She created and manages several personal websites and she enjoys connecting with others who share her interests. Her ambitions include writing and publishing her own novel and successfully launching her own app.

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