Increasing Conversion through Web Design

Published on Sep 2, 2015 by Sophie Brady in Uncategorized


Some design principles that can increase conversion are always worth knowing- here are just a few.

Firstly, on any page you must decide what is your most important element- heading and content are merely supporting elements that urge visitor’s attention towards your conversion goal.

The most important goal to remember is that within seconds of being on your website the user should be able to identify what action is expected from them.

Visual cues are how action is demanded of users, color psychology and contrast plays a significant role here.

A button on a website with a specific outline color can be immediately identifiable as a call to action, understanding the feeling this color conveys is all important when considering design for conversion.

Visual appearance, color and brand recognition always come out ahead when researching what influences a potential customers decision in selecting a product.

Web design is no different, and the correct contrast of included colours on a site against background is also vital, colors that clash or do not create a pleasing contrast will turn users away.

The true importance of the contrast effect is that your main element pops against the back ground color of your page.

There is no such thing as a high converting color for all, it is simply a matter of identifying which combination of foreground and background colors create the best contrast on your site.

Directional cues can be utilized to great effect and they are key way to get visitors to take notice when placed besides your conversion goal.

In products you can find a version of this directional cue in think eye tracking- packaging that contains an image of a person staring directly at the brand name or product contained within has proven more effective in drawing the attention of potential customers.

Your call to action or conversion form should be placed on white space to ensure it is instantly identifiable by users.

Recognising the value in these principles and designing a good layout sets visitors expectations for maximum conversions.

Written by Sophie Brady

Sophie Brady lives in the English coastal town of Deal in Kent. She is deeply invested in Copy writing, SEO marketing and social media. Her passions include classic literature, music and communications in the digital age. She created and manages several personal websites and she enjoys connecting with others who share her interests. Her ambitions include writing and publishing her own novel and successfully launching her own app.

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