Content Marketing in 2015

Published on Aug 14, 2015 by Sophie Brady in Uncategorized


The publication and creation of online content is more popular than ever, the numbers have reached an all time high.

Despite content marketing and publication being the cornerstones of any content marketing strategy- companies soon learn that the value comes from distribution.

Businesses that adopt strategic distribution of their content have advantage in this competitive setting.

Knowing your target market, reaching out to related influencers in your field and optimizing for search and mobile are all important factors in content marketing and distribution.

Any good business should know by now that social media is the perfect amplifier, it is inextricably linked to distribution.

In 2015 we will see business fully recognize social media’s key role in any distribution model.

Through social media advertising marketers will be able to generate leads through gating the content they advertise and also increase the reach of this content.

The type of adverts that are going to be embraced online today are no longer blatant, the focus is now going to be placed on positioning advertisements strategically within great content.

This type of relevant paid content will ensure there is true value brought to the users experience.

Content marketing is the key driver of search engine rankings with SEO still playing an important role through meta tags, indexing issues, key word research, etc.

Aside from inbound links for SEO, there are still many benefits to guest blogging including all important contribution of high quality and relevant content.

Written by Sophie Brady

Sophie Brady lives in the English coastal town of Deal in Kent. She is deeply invested in Copy writing, SEO marketing and social media. Her passions include classic literature, music and communications in the digital age. She created and manages several personal websites and she enjoys connecting with others who share her interests. Her ambitions include writing and publishing her own novel and successfully launching her own app.

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